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However unobtrusive the finishing bar on a snowplough may appear, its effect in comparison to snowploughs without one is unmistakable. For snowploughs consisting of one or more blade segments carried by a plough frame, significant amounts of residual snow can sometimes remain after clearance. In addition, snow can be forced through the gaps in the individual blade segments, in particular if snow is cleared at higher speeds. A jet of snow can be discharged from the back, which becomes compacted on the ground as it is driven over and remains as a raised strip. This constitutes a huge safety risk.

This is precisely where the Springer finishing bar comes into its own by preventing this undesirable effect. The finishing device, which is fitted behind the plough blades, is made of extremely resilient hard rubber and effectively removes residual snow and slush that can form during the working procedure. With its solid but flexible bottom edge, the finishing bar sits perfectly on the surface to be cleared and ensures that the road is snow-free. This significantly reduces the use of melting agents containing chemicals or salt. That is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The Springer finishing bar therefore makes a valuable contribution to road safety and the environment, and pays for itself with its high level of reliability.