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Uneven roads represent a particular risk in winter.
The follow-up “piano” from SPRINGER Kommunaltechnik GmbH provides a patented and effective solution for this. It has been developed on the basis of experience of the extreme weather conditions – in both winter and summer – that prevail at the foot of the Großglockner mountain and attack the road surface accordingly. Height differences in the road surface pose huge challenges to the road clearance services.

Standard snowploughs usually consist either of a fixed element or up to three movable sections. Such machines have at best limited capacity to adapt to the road surface. Snow and ice remain in the depressions in the road and can only be melted by applying large amounts of salt. Along with the high cost, there is still a latent source of danger. The SPRINGER follow-up piano adapts perfectly to uneven road surfaces and delivers impressive results.

The advantage of the follow-up piano device compared to conventional snowploughs lies in the fact that this patented innovation is equipped with two blades fitted one behind the other: a front, rigid blade for rough clearance and a second blade consisting of individually pre-tensioned elements. With this unique clearance procedure, significantly more snow can be cleared with a variation in the level of the road surface of up to 20 cm. Subsequent salt spreading is minimised as a result. A saving in road salt of up to 50% is realistic. The Springer follow-up piano device therefore makes a valuable contribution to road safety, protection of the environment and the public finances.


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