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This series also reflects all of the values of Springer Kommunaltechnik GmbH: quality, reliability, endurance with a clear edge in terms of cost-effectiveness and ecological responsibility. The three-point spreading machine has a strong conveyor screw and an additional wet salt device. If necessary, the grit can be mixed with brine and is then dispensed evenly by the constantly rotating disperser. The spreading machine can be suspended easily and securely from the three-point hydraulic fitting of a tractor. In combination, these features result in an efficient gritting unit.

Spreading of the gritting materials is travel-controlled. At a speed between walking pace and 50 km/h, the quantity of gritting material, the dispensing rate of which is set on the control system, is distributed evenly over the road by the disperser. The speed signal can be transferred in analogue form by a tacho generator fitted to the vehicle gearbox, by a digital pulse generator or by a tachograph. If the electronic system fails, it is possible to continue gritting by means of the emergency manual control. That is just one of the many practical solutions from Springer Kommunaltechnik GmbH.

Standard features:

  • Compact angled plate design
  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Gritting material chute and disperser made of stainless steel
  • Spreading device for full spreading machines
  • Attachment for rear power lifts (cat. 2 or cat. 3)
  • Work lighting with energy-saving LED technology


Hopper volume

Spreader width

Spreader height



Weight approx.

SD 170

0,5 m3

1700 mm

1180 mm


420 kg

SD 210 (1.0)

1 m3

1700 mm

1585 mm



590-690 kg

SD 210 (1.2, 1.6)

1,2 / 1,6 m3

2100 mm

1665 mm / 1890 mm




680 kg

Additional information:

Spreading width: approx. 2-8 m
Quantity of salt dispensed: 5-40 g/m2
Quantity of grit dispensed: 30-200 g/m2


*FS ... Wet salt possible

*DB ... Double chamber available

Other options:

  • Lighting in accordance with the Highway Code with energy-saving LED technology
  • Rear spreader labelling with reflective warning signs and winter road clearing service sign
  • Travel-controlled spreading
  • Grit hopper cover (cover made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic)