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TS 1003 H

Winter road clearance is always a challenge for the people involved and the machinery they use. Discussions with our customers and the sound technical expertise of our engineers has led to the development of the Springer self-loading roller spreaders. The spreader, which is made of high-quality steel and sealed with special paint, is suspended easily and securely from the three-point hydraulic fitting of a tractor. Thanks to the self-loading device specially developed by Springer Kommunaltechnik, the tractor can load the self-loading roller spreader itself. There is a switch valve on the spreader to change from gritting to loading mode. That makes things easy, fast and efficient.

In this series of models, metering of the grit is controlled by the rotational speed of the spreading roller. The carriers attached to it ensure a perfect spreading pattern with impressive results. A fast-emptying valve is fitted in the area of the spreading roller. It is used to empty residual gritting material quickly and easily. The spreading roller is driven hydraulically to avoid any overload during clearing work. The hydraulic drive is controlled from the driver’s cab by a flow control valve on the control unit or an electronic control cassette. That makes the Springer self-loading roller spreader extremely reliable, powerful and cost-effective.

Standard features:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Good visibility to the rear
  • Centre of gravity very close to the vehicle
  • Components made from high-quality sheet steel
  • Sand-blasted spreading machine
  • Special two-layer paintwork
  • Gritting by means of a roller


TS 1003 H

Hopper volume

1 m3

Spreading width

2,2 m

Spreader width

2200 mm

Spreader height

900 mm

Quantity of grit dispensed

30-200 g/m2

Weight approx.

480 kg

Other options:

  • Mechanical adjustment of the roller or spreading density by means of a flow control valve
  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Fast emptying valve
  • Agitator shaft
  • Cover tarpaulin