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Springer Kommunaltechnik self-loading spreading machines are equipped with a hopper with a capacity of 0.4 to 1.5 m3. The spreaders made of solid steel are attached to the three-point hydraulics of a tractor with the fittings provided. This can be done easily and safely. In the design of the self-loading spreaders, the driving safety of the carrier vehicle played a significant part, alongside quality and reliability, even in the most difficult conditions.

The tractor can load the attached spreader itself by means of the self-loading device. As a result, it is possible to adjust the load to individual needs. This ensures a high degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness and makes the self-loading spreader into an effective spreading unit in combination with the carrier vehicle. Metering of the grit is also controlled by a screw. It guides the gritting material carefully through the centrally positioned chute and down to the disperser. Swivelling the disperser to the left or right achieves the required spreading symmetry. As always, the technology from Springer Kommunaltechnik is impressive.

Standard features:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Good visibility to the rear
  • Centre of gravity very close to the vehicle
  • Components made from high-quality sheet steel
  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Sand-blasted spreading machine
  • Special two-layer paintwork
  • Screw conveyor system
  • Continuous adjustment of gritting material output with disperser


Hopper volume

Spreader width

Spreader height

Weight approx.

TSS 400

0,4 m3

1200 mm

1250 mm

340 kg

TSS 700

0,7 m3

1700 mm

1250 mm

410 kg

TSS 1200

1,2 m3

2100 mm

1560 mm

560 kg

TSS 1500

1,5 m3

2100 mm

1660 mm

610 kg

Additional information:

Gritting width:

TSS 400/700: approx. 1-5 m
TSS 1200/1500: approx. 1-6 m
Quantity of salt dispensed: 5-40 g/m2
Quantity of grit dispensed: 30-200 g/m2

Other options:

  • Hydraulic self-loading device
  • Mechanical spreading pattern adjustment (electrical as an option)
  • Grit protection (rubber apron)
  • Rear lighting integrated into hopper
  • Paint RAL 2011
  • Travel-controlled spreading
  • Optional cover tarpaulin