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AS150 - 280

The AS 150 to AS 280 series of spreading machines covers the mid-range segment. They are characterised by a higher load capacity and a larger spreading width. The chambers of the spreading machines are made of high-quality steel (stainless steel as an option) and finished with special paint. This guarantees durable resistance to acids and alkalis. Springer Kommunaltechnik spreading machines therefore have a longer service life and are more cost-effective. The company’s own experience and the requirements of customers have gone into the design of the spreading machines. The result is products that set standards.

The spreading machines in this series are also attachment devices. Two powerful screw conveyors are integrated into their two chambers for salt and grit. They ensure that the gritting material is fed back to the disperser easily and without clumping. Here the brine is added from the additional wet salt device. The precise metering results from the grit quantity setting, the speed and spreading width required. The control and monitoring functions operate fully electronically via a computer-supported control panel in the driver’s cab of the carrier vehicle. The interaction of precision, reliability and the latest technology results in a perfect spreading pattern and optimal road safety.

Standard features:

  • Compact design
  • Double screw conveyor system
  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Travel-controlled spreading
  • Speed feedback for the most precise metering
  • Folding spreading device
  • Gritting material chute and disperser made of stainless steel


Hopper volume



Weight approx.

AS 150

2,2 / 3 m3



850 kg

AS 225

1,4 / 1,7 / 2 m3



800-1000 kg

AS 250

1,7 / 2,2 / 2,5 m3



800-1000 kg

AS 280

3,1 / 3,6 / 4 / 4,1 m3



900-1200 kg

Additional information

Spreading width: approx. 2-8 m
Quantity of salt dispensed: 5-40 g/m2
Quantity of grit dispensed: 30-200 g/m2

*FS ... Wet salt possible
*DB ... Double chamber available

Other options:

  • Mechanical spreading pattern adjustment (electrical as an option)
  • Manual emergency operation
  • Folding roof for complete opening
  • Watertight hydraulic units
  • Parking supports with spindle adjustment
  • Double chamber model as an option
  • With wet salt as an option
  • Stainless steel design as an option