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SHE/B 3404-4 - SHE/B 4104-4


Whenever snow, slush or frozen snow requires clearing, Springer sliding blade lateral snowploughs have a key role to play. Quality of finish, functionality and adaptability to almost any fitting are a basic prerequisite for smooth clearance work. Snow, ice and salt expose the materials to extreme stress. At the same time, damage to the road surface and kerb stones and operational wear are to be avoided. The high quality standards underlying the design present a particular challenge for the engineers. The result is clearing blades like the sliding blade lateral snowplough specially developed for lorries.

Like other models in this range, they have collision protection and a levelling system. The ploughshares, consisting of two or more blade elements that are connected to the plough frame in guide tracks independently of one another, avoid obstacles that are encountered by moving back and up simultaneously. This series is also equipped with a quick-change system from Springer Kommunaltechnik. Secure, time-saving fitting of the clearing blade to the carrier vehicle is thus ensured. Springer Kommunaltechnik GmbH supplies clearing equipment for the toughest winter conditions and for any eventuality.


Standard features:

  • Automatic protection with pre-tensioned, upright ploughshares
  • Level adjustment with swivel slits
  • Quick adjustment of slide shoes (with replaceable wear plates)
  • Spindle adjustment of wheels (optional)
  • Bolt-on wear plates and wear rails made of Hardox 400


Clearing width at 34°

Plough width VS-rail / side bulge

Plough height Centre / right

Scrape rail segments

Plough weight approx.

SHE/B 3404-4

3000 mm (30°)

3450 / 3690 mm

1300 / 1500 mm


1250 kg

SHE/B 3604-4

3000 mm

3600 / 3840 mm

1190 / 1475 mm


1320 kg

SHE/B 4104-4

3400 mm

4100 / 4350 mm

1190 / 1475 mm


1400 kg

Other options:

  • Edge flags
  • Hydraulic lifting and pressure device with lowering throttle
  • Hydraulic swivel device
  • Warning marking in accordance with Highway Code
  • Snow dust protection or wind deflector
  • Plough side lighting with LED lamps